Wednesday, October 26, 2011

my world has shrunk

Mr. Mystie - my world has shrunk. I find, now, that i have little interest in what happens beyond the distance further than which i can walk.
(or ride a horse - but that's a different story .. heh)

Um, am re-posting this 'comment' that i just made on a previous post as it  was (a) "off the cuff" and (b) made me think a bit more about what i meant.
While yes, it is true that i live alone .. but not necessarily "by my self", am not a 'hermit'. Have read some rather astonishing stories of people who have 'survived'  'solitary confinement'  for some many years with themselves intact - but most notably those accounts of Tibetan monks walled into a cave for up to 8 years with no contact or interaction with human beings or other living thing; whatsoever.  Whether true or not is an interesting point; haven't been there, nor done that. Would also argue that the daily supply of food through whatever small 'hole in the wall' may well qualify as "interaction". The longer philosophy and discussion of the meaning and definitions of "solitary" are beyond the intention and scope of this blog.

However, my life is far from that version of "solitary".  Yesterday i went out and played several versions of football with Andy from round the back when he came to collect his 6 yr old son from the school bus at 3.30pm.  He teaches 'soccer' to the schoolkids .. though seems to have a good understanding of both "Aussie Rules" and "Rugby" (both versions). (would, actually, be interesting to research the origins of 'pig's bladder' (odd-shaped) ballgames .. and/or 'round ball' games. Have read that some of them originated from whacking the severed head of the leader of the 'opposing tribe' around on whatever field happened to be in full view of both tribes. Thankfully? "civilisation?" seems to have discarded that notion - or has it?)

Yesterday, also,  was yet another 'interaction' between me, a horse and human beings.

My tutor at the riding school is proving to be what i would call somewhat ... erm, assertive, with horses - which is fine by me, as a general principle; but self, apparently, has a tendency (according to her) to be "soft-handed" on the reins. And no, I don't feel the necessity to "kick it" when the horse turns its head to see what my feet are doing.  Am, of course, being a bit simplistic and short on detail with these 'descriptions'; and, since she prefers geldings to mares, am now wondering if she is also sending a message to me that she is the "herd leader" (which is also ok, at this point of time).

The first horse i was given to ride was/is a 17 hand gelding. A very experienced 'eventer' as am told, but have never seen it under experienced hands in a 'dressage' situation. I tend to think of it as "Mr. Plod" (not its real name); big, docile, obedient.

Two lessons on Mr. Plod, then on to ... um, am now not sure of its name. Was under the impression that its name was Tom, a 14.5hand quarterhorse gelding (or Galloway) as told).  He felt, well, too small, but was extremely responsive to foot and leg pressure - not that am expert in all this, as yet; am still re-learning some considerable changes co-ordinating  leg muscles between "walking" and "riding".

Yesterday i had the pleasure of interacting with a mare by the name of Tara. 15.5 hands. A failed racehorse, my tutor refers to her as a "ditzy blonde bimbo". Well, dunno why, but i rather liked her (Tara .. though the tutor is also OK .. heh - am sure that the 'armchair psychologists' should be able to manufacture all sorts of guesses as to why i liked this particular equine ).  

Yes, Tara prefers to travel in a straight line .. well, with a bias to one side. It's called 'following the rail'; and quick to get into a fast canter.  Even so, in a dressage situation, she can step sideways on forelegs and shift her back-end around when foot pressure tells her.  Was only with her for an hour, but loved every minute. 

On a different note .. 

Am not sure whether i really need to interact with human beings who come up with ..from the comments box ..

" ..and the struggling remnants of the alcohol-pickled wreckage of what was, no doubt, once your brilliantly functioning brain ..."
.. which oddly enough, i view as a - perhaps intriguingly articulate and literary - backhanded compliment .. as i also do this gem .. recently said to my face -
"Stop staring, ya stupid old prick! haven't ya anything better to do".

(long story behind THAT one ..heh)

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Gerry said...

"Am not sure whether i really need to interact with human beings who come up with ..from the comments box ..
' ..and the struggling remnants of the alcohol-pickled wreckage of what was, no doubt, once your brilliantly functioning brain ...' "

Ok, let us know when you sure. The suspense is killing me.

In the meantime, you might like to consider that if you read the _entire_ comment and cogitate on it for a while, you might arrive at the conclusion that I was trying to encourage you to post something, my thin skinned, self pitying, blogging friend.

WV = spanatio