Sunday, June 12, 2011

fact? or TRUTH!

An interesting philosophical idea. What is a 'fact', and what is a 'truth'.

Have, some years ago, stood on a 'theatrical' stage. That is a fact; but not 'all' of the facts.
What does 'theatrical' actually mean?

Could publish a list of venues, times, dates, people, places - but unless you were "actually" there, or were in personal contact with someone who had "seen" ( now becomes 'hearsay') whatever it was, or if i 'wrote' about something that 'happened' 30 years ago  - would you 'believe' me?

Interesting concept


Gerry said...

The tuth is that you have solved your profile picture problem.

Good pic too, but that's not the truth, that's just an opinion.

Davoh said...

Yes, Gerry, you can "see" that the image in the 'profile' section has changed - that is a "fact" .. but how do you know that it was me who changed it? How do you know that the image is actually 'me'? Could be my grandfather .. or any other person. People put all sorts of images and avatars there. If I said "Yup, I changed it, 'tis me"; you would have to 'believe' that I was telling the "truth". Que.

Vest said...

Only the unspoken word will contain the truth.

Anne Johnson said...

I haven't given this much thought, but it seems to me that facts are things that can be proven by scientific data or experimentation, and truths are more nebulous ideas that are universally agreed upon, such as that "all men are created equal." Which never did, and never has, included women...

Davoh said...

Anne, read the premise this blog began with. "A fact is a fact only by standing on it. My truth may not be your truth".

This is a difficult concept to wrap one's mind around. This is a discussion, idea, that have put to one of the 'commentators' here, when they turned up in what i consider 'real' life.

How do i know that you are not a figment of my imagination.

Davoh said...

or, conversely, prove to me that you actually exist, and not a figment of imagination ..

Perhaps i am a god .. a speck of consciousness
in an unimaginable
imagining reality ..

Gerry said...

How do I know you are not a figment of your imagination?

Davoh said...

"all men are created equal." Which never did, and never has, included women... .. mmmm.

Traditions loaded onto traditions, i guess.

For a start, all human beings are NOT born "equal", but MOST are - one head, two eyes, two ears, one nose, one mouth; shoulders, two arms, one torso, two legs.

Some, however, have missing limbs,(Anne, as i typed that, it occurred to me that that is/was vaguely important - missing limbs. Do males think it important that females don't have a penis? Must think more on that)

Davoh said...

There is an ancient aphorism somewhere - "in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man(ok, person)- is king".