Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another (snowy) day

Well, two and a half days. Began falling Tuesday afternoon at about 2.30pm, then continued through the night and most of Wednesday morning.  Ended up with about two inches on the ground. Has mostly melted by this morning. Satellite dish is now clear.

Will post some pics, later.
who stole my car?(wednesday morn)

kiddie romp

One of the things that fascinated me this morning was the number and variety of birds hanging around waiting for 'breakfast'. Word spreads, I guess ('feed them, and they will come'). Have been regularly putting seed out at about 7am each morning, and have a 'regular' group of six or so King parrots,  same number of rosellas and the occasional Pied Currawong. This morning? Ah, roughly 20-30 King parrots, same number rosellas (of various age groups), 12 or so Pied Currawongs, six or seven Satin Bowerbirds, a couple of magpies, and some pigeons in the cherry tree.

There is also a chook that flew over the fence seeking refuge from next door some weeks ago and took up residence on my tankstand (now i know why they are called 'domesticated'; as it also pays 'tribute' - or rent - in the shape of the occasional egg.  The others come and go as they please, in complete freedom; and just give me great joy watching the bright colours and antics).

Has, however, been a bittuva drain on the woodpile. I generally only 'light it up' at about 4pm in the evenings when the temperature drops below 4C (daytimes have been quite warm  ... 8-10C), but the past few days have rarely scraped above 2C.  There is, of course, some slight twinge of 'guilt', as am contributing to the CO2 levels - but 'justify' it to self by the thought that am surrounded by thousands of acres of 'old growth' bushland and forest; which provides a continuous and renewable supply of 'dead-fall' fuel for the fire.  Not, of course, a recommended option for the millions of human beings jampacked into cities and 'high-rise' urban areas who seem to have an unhealthy dependence on 'electricity' .. to power their 'information' systems .. which, apparently, insist on feeding them "advertainment" - and refuse to stress that it's not only the atmosphere that is suffering from CO2 overdose - but the 'out of sight, out of mind' oceans .. which, more or less, power the planet's weather systems ... and the consequences of that is ...

However, as am not the "Emperator of the Universe" can't do much about that, so will continue to keep the cottage doors shut, imagine that the 'rest of the world' doesn't exist; hunker down for the duration, trust to faith, and see if old Sol will re-appear in due course.


Jayne said...

Gotta love those fresh free range googie eggs ;)

Davoh said...

um, Jayne, while appreciating the "free range" delivery .. four eggs over six weeks is not exactly a 'reliable' food source.