Monday, May 30, 2011

tackling pollution

 Can't (or perhaps won't) get too involved in this discussion. Basically, too old, it matters not to me. "Activism" belongs to the young - the next generations - who will be the ones to inherit the problems.

However, my 2.2 cents worth. One of the things that fascinates me is the "Politics".  As far as i can discern, 'big business' IS prepared to adapt - what IS 'holding up the process' is "uncertainty".
 .. and THAT is what i will never forgive Tony Abbot for.

 .. and, frankly, this is a rather pathetic little video (it does seem to be aimed at the 'lowest common idiot  denominator  child. Not all Australians are fixated on rugby, horseracing, the Murdoch information Empire - or Allan Jones).

It could have been far, far more dramatic; and effective.

(Playschool? Anyone?)


Gerry said...

" 'Activism' belongs to the young - the next generations - who will be the ones to inherit the problems."

I'm an activist. I know many activists who are as old, if not older than you. You're peddling a cop-out.

It's our generation, more than any other, which did the damage, Davo, so how do you figure you're off the hook?

But hey, if you you don't feel like it, fine.

Just don't bore us with disingenuous excuses about how it's up to the next generation.

Given what we've done, that is a seriously sick cop-out.

If it helps you sleep easier, feel free to delete this comment.

Davoh said...

no, Gerry; am not "off" THE HOOK.

Davoh said...

Gerry; i run my blog MY way ... you run your blog YOUR way, OK.

lemmiwinks said...

The thing I find most intriguing about climate change et al (didn't watch video, crappy computer/web browser sometimes doesn't load them and CBF closing/opening browser) is the notion that, Bob the Builder style "Can we fix it? Yes we can!"

I've watched "An Inconvenient Truth", compelling stuff. The accelerated melting of glaciers is there for anyone who cares to look, and I doubt there are any climate change deniers living in Tuvalu for example.

Nevertheless, are we seriously arguing that #1 by suddenly reducing emissions of carbon dioxide we can reverse the effects of around 200 years of industrialisation? #2 are we even arguing that? All that seems to be the case is that polluters will be permitted to pollute as much as they can pay for. A "trade" where someone plants some trees so someone else can burn some coal seems like just another Ponzi scheme to me.

I know Gerry will want alternative suggestions, but I don't really have any. Be happy, live simply, consume less (do you *really* need a 42" Plasma telly?), leave the car in the shed and take a stroll once in a while.

Or not. Apart from your personal happiness it likely won't make any difference anyway :-D

Davoh said...

yep, Lemmi, have reached that point. Am, basically, responsible for my own household/lifestyle. Nobody elses (? is that a word).