Monday, May 30, 2011


(under construction)

Aha, found a few: WARNING -some images may be disturbing. YES, they are CLOSE UP images of DEAD mice.

 (nup .. No images recognised. message from Blooger - "server rejected". WOT? They ARE on an $80-00 Verbatim Hard drive disc????) WILL, dammit, find the pics of the local meese. Not many, but yep .. had to bend a few  Buddhist philosophies ..

mouse plague 1  

mouse plague 2

hey, guess  what - this computer has no stored images.

back to the drawing board .....
 AHA - found them ..

But never buy this brand
 .. of mousetrap. The little meece just nibble away at the thoughtfully provided meal, then dance a tango on the 'trigger'.

THIS one -

.. is by far  the better design.  So sensitive that it takes several bruised fingers to set...
But is effective ...

Later .. nup, can't  access a few, several hundred,  other photographic images.


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