Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wikileaks - the rebels

gah, viral stuff. have just come across this (these?) videos (courtesy from a squizz at Neil's Blog).


Vincent said...

Davo, you're the man who can solve a mystery for this ignoramus here. Our friend Assange is Australian, right? This means he is not subject to any American law such as its Espionage Act, because he is not an American citizen, and he isn't in America and doesn't live in America. So America cannot demand his extradition. Full stop.

So what is all this stuff about? I hope your Government is telling the US to go to hell.

Davo said...

Not sure whether there's much of a mystery, Vincent. There is a difficulty trying to find out what, exactly, PM Gillard actually said. The 'meeja', as usual, seem to have "re-interpreted".

One report has it as -
But asked directly what Australian laws had been broken by either WikiLeaks or Assange, Ms Gillard said the Australian Federal Police were investigating.

"The foundation stone of it is an illegal act," Ms Gillard said today.

But the "foundation stone" was the leaking of the documents to the website, not the publishing of the cables.

"It would not happen, information would not be on WikiLeaks, if there had not been an illegal act undertaken," Ms Gillard said.

Most of the others seem to have "interpreted" it as "Gillard says Assage is guilty" - which she didn't say - and he's not.

They are, however, still scrabbling around in the statute books trying to find something to pin on him.

The big danger for Julian is that there's a possibility that the USA can get him into the US as a "material witness" in the case against Bradley Manning (who IS in prison for leaking the video of the murder of civilians in Iraq).

That, also, is flimsy, but wouldn't fancy his chances of anything "fair" happening to him once on US soil.

Davo said...

'Jahwol mein Fuerrer - ve must slaughter every citizen who dizagrees' .. heh.

Davo said...

..and don't get me started on Sarah Palin .. given the choice, would vote for Angela Merkel.

Vincent said...

Yes, there seems to be a streak in the American psyche (assuming that such a thing existed, which cannot literally be true) whereby any person in the entire world who dares oppose America, US citizen or not, is guilty of a crime and is also morally evil. In history we see that this could have arisen as follows: Hitler was evil, so when we fought Germany we were fighting evil. The Japanese did evil things to their prisoners of war - ditto. The Commies were evil bastards - Stalin for example - so every past present and future enemy of the USA is criminal or evil. Since we can't get a court to agree with us on this point, we have to bypass legal systems and do covertly evil things.

Which is all threatened by Wikileaks. So Wikileaks is the most evil thing, ever.

Davo said...

Oh Vincent. Methinks, if we look backwards into history .. quite a lot of the crap the sensible people have to deal with today was actually created by the dying days of the Roman Empire circa 300 or so CE. Not a "conspiracy theory". It just sort of happened that way for many reasons.

Davo said...

Another thought. The Chinese politbureau own the USA economy. Have done for quite some time. They can't "call in the debt" because the USA can't repay. The US treasury knows it and so do the Chinese.

hopefully there will be no "physical" fisticuffs because both sides know that they can't win.

Davo said...

However, China has time on its side, can afford to "wait it out".