Sunday, December 19, 2010

Whether the weather

.. will just be what I remember.

Friend of mine (yer, do have one) turned up on Friday afternoon/night for a few beers and we bloody near froze (and Nah, didn't share bed;  both have sleeping bags, .. tch tch). This is Australia .. in late December??  Had to go and chainsaw some more wood for the heater on Saturday afternoon .. just before the rain set in.  Is still raining.

Have to admit that have never spent much time in NSW, nor been this high up.  (nah, no illegal chemicals - and 'high up' is probably small bikkies for someone who lives in 'real' mountains.

(gah, bloody computers .. can't find any online maps which tell me the exact height above sea level ..)

Will not be impressed by anyone in snowy England (or anywhere) who chortles .. 'see, global warming is a myth'.   It's NOT about 'warming' per se - the concept is "climate change" (as well as acidification of oceans, melting of tundras, changes in ocean currents - but that's all a bit complicated for the "flat-earthers"* to comprehend).. .. and did I read somewhere that the "overall" temperature in Australia is the 'warmest on record'?? (*Flat Earther - i only know what i read in the bible which is proven by what i see) [as if we didn't have enough uncontrollable unicellular lifeforms on this planet]..

Yer, I also see the big hot orangey thingo in the sky turn up on the eastern horizon every morning (well, most), travels overhead, disappears to the westward. Obviously 'proves' that the sun travels across the small valley where i am at the moment from that side to that side. So? Obviously dragged across the sky by some mysterious spacecraft?

Have been having a squizz at some of the 'science' sites and this one is fascinating. Became annoyed when saw one of the "commenters" still disputing "proof".  Bloody sight more "proof" of  the ecological change/ fossil record - than trying to "prove" the existence of  a mythical "god"; who picks up a pen and writes books?..
Which one?  Ra? Jupiter? Zeus? Yaweh? Jehovah? Christos? Allah?

There was a prediction some time back which contemplated what would happen if the meltwater from the Greenland icecap/Siberian tundra affected the Gulf Stream - ocean current that keeps the British Isles sort of temperate.

[can't find the post where I mentioned it , but this link will do, circa 2003]

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