Sunday, December 19, 2010

AFP say WikiLeaks has broken no Australian law.

Am presuming that "Wikipedia" and "WikiNews" has no connection with or to "Wikileaks" .. heh.

Have put another couple of links at the end of the post over here, though. If what the two females have reported to police in Sweden is true then yes, am not surprised the Swedish plods want to have a chat with him.

Also, will just warn readers to be careful about "copy 'n' paste". Did that with the email that "Getup" sent me, then wondered why I began receiving heaps of emails wanting "be my friend" - or telling me about "bank accounts" in far distant, deepest darkest Africa. Took a day or two to realise that there were several direct links to my email address (and inbox) copied across as well. Ooops. Hopefully anyone clicking on them only found the email address, and not access to the inbox or 'address book'.

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