Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Rain, rain

There is an old song
"rain rain, go away
come again another day"

Um, must be of  british origin, or something. Not to worry. 'Twas my day to go into town to get the fortnight's supplies. Has been raining for the past three days - not the tropical 'downpour", just a sort of continuous drizzle.

 Decided not. (bit difficult to get vehicle out onto the "public" road. this place is not on the local council "high priority" list, most of us just sort of 'make do').

Have to admit that this place is sort of odd - am used to South Australia - rain stops in September.

Drove to the closest local "town" though. Dropped into the local Post office (where else can one get the local gossip? .. heh). They didn't stock "computer supplies" (was looking for a new keyboard - does anyone sell a keyboard that understands me shouting at it?) .. so didn't stay long; but did find out that the road to Bathurst was closed, flooding.

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John L said...

South Australia's different this year. Just had an inch here in Kapunda.