Thursday, December 16, 2010


very strange word, conglomeration of letters? What does it mean? list this way or that, perhaps. The language "english" is  polyglot beast; difficult to wrestle with. . Sometimes have trouble with the use of the word "read".  Did i "reed' something, or have i 'red' it.

the spoken word has a different resonance. So, let's go back a bit .. an older language .. try "hearken".

Have just sat in silence for an hour, hearkening to a radio broadcast, about fishing.  Why bother, ask some readers; difficult to describe, but some of the elders need to be listened to, heard.

have just used Telstra copperwire to ask ABC RN (bush telegraph) when the "podcast" will be available.
"Not until later today". OK, no problem. Will put the link here when available.

Dunno, am probably a bit peculiar, and one of the blokes talking speaks very slowly. Be patient .. but it IS worth a listen; hearken to him.
1142Mark Eartler and the philosophy of harvesting fish

(mm, also seems that one has to install a "plug in" to listen - still worth it)

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