Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Guess Who!!

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OK, haven't done extensive research on this one .. and will probably be an angry bittuva rant ..

Was listening to ABC Radio National this morning discussing the legal aspects of the "oil spill" in the Gulf of Mexico, and a comparision come up about the similarities with the Montara undersea oil blowout off the Western Australian coastline last year.

Guess who was the contractor responsible for the 'concrete' capping that held the well head in place ......

Clues ..
They were the company responsible for massive corrupt rip-offs during the invasion of Iraq.
They were the company responsible for the concrete capping holding the well head on the Gulf of Mexico oil platform ...

Yup, you got it .... HALIBURTON!!!!!!!!

Why the f*ck can't somebody STOP these arseholes!!! Put them in prison! Confiscate their assets! Appropriate every penny, cent, dollar these guys have STOLEN and use it to TRY to repair some of the DAMAGE this shonky, shoddy, CORRUPT company has created!

Come to think of it .. whatever happened to Prick Cheney? Where's Saul Wolfowitz? What's Dunny Rumsfeld doing these days? Is Kral Rove enjoying wahines in Tahiti?

Whatever happened to the concept of "crimes against humanity"?


Vest said...

Red Adair was busy. So Green Adair from Irelanl attended the oil fire and their truck stopped right on top of the fire. The lads jumped off the truck and put the fire out in seconds.
After being paid they were asked "What's your next job?
Green Adair replied "Getting the brakes fixed on the F*&^%$G truck.

Davo said...

um, trust t' lads from Erin t' think laterally. Me? Would've pissed meself, not on t' fire .. heh

Davo said...

.. and while am on t' angry line .. prison is too good for these arseholes. Put them in a cage in Times Square - or any public space - for 12 months. (Um, perhaps somewhere apart from the USA). Rotten egg stalls nearby, $2-00 per dozen.

Davo said...

and you'll notice that have left Jerge W. Bosch off that list. Was he an 'active' member of that really quite odious group? Nah, just a manipulated puppet.

John L said...


Davo said...

Whaddya mean John L .. 'Yeah'? Is that the best you can do? "Tis ppl like you that the "Big Mining" companies rely on.

Davo said...

Have been fascinated by some of the arguements .. "capital will flow out of the country", "nobody will invest".

OK, short story. Australia has one of the best mining infrastructures in the world. "Capital" (ie, 'investment' will always flow to wherever, it's driven by fear.

Consider this. "Capital" is eternal, "resources" are finite.