Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Life management

Yer, after sixtyfive or so years, am slowly figuring it out. What should i do, how does it work, how much information do i need to release?

I am who I am. An independent, not trained nor indoctrinated in tribal, military nor religious concepts. Connect with me or leave me. It matters not.

If anyone is vaguely interested in this minuscule part of the massive blogosphere will probably notice there are changes in the sidebar.

Is it not always the way.

We, as [European] humans, are so trained, indoctrinated, by 1700 .. one thousand, seven hundred years (give or take a hundred), by the most successful 'imperial' franchise.

It matters not whether you are "protestant" or "roman catholic".

ANYONE who claims to be 'religiously' "european" is infected by a very successful indoctrination by - figured out by the priesthood in the desert communities of ancient times - then "modernised" by the priesthood on Mons Vaticanus in CE300 - transferred into 'Imperial" doctrine and continued over the generations.


Curious, in many ways. Where are the rules for THOU SHALT?

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and always remember that muhhmed whatever had 600 years of information in those ancient years to try to figure out HIS "book of words" philosophy.

[have looked at some numbers and it seems that Islam is still stuck in the CE years 1410. Whatever. Must get around to actually reading the Qran. Seems to me that the "SHALT NOTs are a later addition.]

The process of psychological indoctrination is fascinating.
"Imperialism" (or 'BIG money') will always battle for 'more money'. One wonders what they want with it. What else does one need - but a roof over one's head, and food on the table?

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