Friday, April 16, 2010

Is Grungle censoring ??

Dunno, really.

Seems curious to me that the only times that i have major problems with Gaggle sign-ins is when it thinks am somehow associated with A. Peasant .. heh.

Gah, is paranoia my middle name?

NOW, the laptop is telling me to "restart your computer - updates available" ??

Has always fascinated me when I 'log on' to the Telstra internet thingo.

Can see some 'activity' .. xx amount of data sent and received .. have always presumed that it was the wireless networks connecting and 'talking' to each other. Never very much, one or two megs of data.

On some occasions the "data transfer" thingos go crazy .. can get up to 20, or 30 megs,

?? think I. Who is datamining my laptop without my knowledge, or permission?

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