Sunday, March 07, 2010


I don't, as a rule, normally get involved with 'online' petitions - too many of 'em - but this one is for a valid and little known cause.

Was alerted to it by Beth, at Living a quotable Life.

"Only elephants should wear ivory".

The illegal poaching of elephants is escalating and unless ivory sales are permanently banned, it is likely that these amazing creatures will no longer roam the earth. Now is the time to urge international leaders to permanently ban the sale of ivory once and for all!

It is, actually, interesting, since the major 'buyers' are 'asian'. It would be interesting to canvass the opinions of the Chinese population/leaders - to find out how they would feel/react if their beloved Panda were to suddenly disappear.

Am not holding breath, as the 'sale' of opium/heroin is 'banned' .. but there seems, to me, a marked difference between the 'production' entities - a poppy plant and an incredibly intelligent animal.


BBC said...

It's all about greed and money.

The late great novelist Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. said " Man was put on earth to fart around."

Vest said...

Elephants are now considered useless ancient animals by the industrial west and some Asian countries, since the arrival of the dozer and tractor. White ones are a burden on the purse if you happen to be an owner of one of these pampered creatures. The seemingly untamable Afrophant, is the main source of Ivory and a prodigious producer of greenhouse gasses.
Desexing of female Afro Elephants could be the best way to regulate their numbers, as one non desexed male would be only too happy to serve the lot.

BBC said...

I put up a post on my projects blog this morning.


BBC said...

So an Irishman walks out of a bar.
Really, it does happen.