Monday, August 24, 2009


Dunno about anyone else, but have been having enormous problems with Firefox of late. Suddenly doesn't remember any of my stored usernames or passwords - which became somewhat awkward, as had forgotten most of them myself, as well as not knowing where I'd written them down 3-4 years ago. Not only that, some of them were set up using an email address that no longer exists. Bit difficult when the "lost password" screen tells me "we'll send you a new password via email". Where to??

AVG "antivirus" kept popping up "warning" screens, but from what I can gather, there aren't any actual viruses, only "conflicts" with AVG and Firefox. Something to do with "sqlite" cookie. All very mystifying.

Have given Firefox the flick and gone to Google Chrome. Sad, really, have been using Firefox since my first computer in 2002, and never, never had a problem with it. Still think it (was) the bestest browser, so if they ever get themselves sorted, will return to it .. but as the old story goes .. once trust is lost, very difficult to get back again.

The other newsish is have installed Skype. Can now actually talk to people instead of battling away with two fingers on a keyboard. Not the most perfect way to make a phone call, as only works if am actually online and signed into Skype.

Had a situation last Friday when I wanted to discuss something urgentish with an office wallah in Perth. Sent him an email at 6.30am CST saying that I would be signed into Skype from 10.30am to 12 noon Central time. He sent an email back at 5pm saying 'oh, sorry, had a meeting and didn't see your email 'til now. Will be back in the office on Monday' .. sheesh.

Anyway, have yet to talk to a "real" person, so not sure how well it works. If anyone interested, send me an email, and will think about giving you my "Skype name" (am not going to put it here .. too many nutcases out there .. heh.).


Vincent said...

I've sent you email with my skype name, Davo. I don't have lots of meetings here, except with the sun, which operates a different schedule compared with Down Under.

Davo said...

Thanks Vincent, have put you on the "contact list". One of the things I miss from Firefox is "Fox clocks" - I used to have all the "local times" across the bottom of the browser.

GreenSmile said...

sqlite is a name derived from SQL [the common language of most data bases. It is a tool they embed in browsers , probably using JavaScript and it makes it easier to write all the code that organizes your cookiesque data....stuff you know you saved but which you could not actually point to as you would a file you had created. Sounds mysterious. its the stuff that lives in a kind of neutral ground that must exist between "your stuff that folks cant get at from the WWW" and stuff that is out there for all to fondle.
since web apps gotta see if you are who you say you are they put up the passwords and such.

YOU have a button or two that can wipe all that stuff out...but they don't make it so easy that it routinely happens by accident.

Chrome is fantastic but you wont get to run it on Linux.

hip said...

Hiya Davo,
What GreenSmile said, take the time to get your head around Linux (Ubuntu seems to like me) and:

I've done a few of these lately, Windows' Firefox is having trouble with its "addons" API, crap code in any of those little toys will eventually frag your online mojo.

The only sure fix I've found is a complete unstall of Firefox using a scrubber like "Revo Uninstaller" from here: [1.3 MB] It reams the registery and folders - deleting ALL leftovers.

If you've uninstalled FFox then reinstall it. (If it still works a bit you can save your old Passwords manually and export you bookmarks to HTML.)
Then uninstall it using Revo on its maximum setting. (Like "Draino" is to an S-bend.)
Install a new version of FFox, light blue touch-paper and retire.
Ba Boom! Slicker 'n snot.

(Experts agree, in six out of ten cases it won't burn the 'Van down.)

Cheers, and luck,

Davo said...

Oh, Hi Hip, long time no see, thought you'd karked it...heh.

Um, yeeesss, thanks for that info Greensmile and Hip. Can see the words, but might as well be chinese, as far as comprehension goes.

Am also having endless problems with something called "ati2dvag.dll" which goes into an "endless loop" and crashes the laptop into a "blue screen" at unpredictable intervals. Had a chat with the local 'leccy' doctor yesterday. He seems to think that I should "save everything" and re-Format the hard drive. Start again with an updated graphics driver.

Davo said...

.. and yes, while suggestions are welcome - methinks it's time to take this little girl to the "experts".

WT said...

Are you sure you haven't set it to "Private Browsing" by default? FF3.5 handles things a little differently, there's no longer a "clear private data" option but a "Start Private Browsing" which can be changed in the Options.