Monday, March 02, 2009

On the road .. again.

Am on the move, again. This time southwards into this area.

And No, it ain't Italy.

Hopefully to be somewhere near scenes like this -

Am not exactly off to a "good start" as am only 20K down the road from where I was. Car is overheating so have to mark time for a while until it cools down. Unfortunately the cable that opens the bonnet expands with the heat, so have to wait until that cools down as well. So, took the opportunity to test the USB thingo .. hey, far be it from me to extol any of telstr's products buuuut better signal strength than where I came from .. here's hoping, touch wood.


lemmiwinks said...

Good luck Davo! Check the fan relay, apparently that can pack it in on those VN-ish commodores.

Don't cook it though, alloy cylinder heads are very unforgiving about that type of thing as I found out the expensive way.

GreenSmile said...

damn, I envy your lack of anchors!

Davo said...

Don't envy, Greensmile. In actual fact would be more than happy to swap your lifestyle with mine. Am only conveying some of the more interesting and/or pleasant aspects. 85% is bloody difficult crap. This lifestyle would make a wonderful “holiday” perhaps, and it's my guess that you'd last perhaps a week. However, perhaps unfortunately, am stuck with it. Whether have arrived at this point in my life's journey by design or misfortune is a moot point, but unless the gods of good fortune deign to smile on me soon – the long term future looks a bit bleak and unsustainable.