Tuesday, February 10, 2009

All OK here

Just a quick post. Am in the mid-north of South Australia, nowhere near Victoria. More info follows, as have just purchased a USB modem - pre-paid internet (bloody 'ell, last of the big spenders). All brand new, can post from the van .. or anywhere in Next G coverage. Bear with me, am still learning the bells and whistles, but seems to work OK from where I am, seems to be a bit expensive to use, though. Am still on first $10-00 so will have a better idea of how much monthly usage can afford when it runs out.


GreenSmile said...

good to hear from you by any means.

Vincent said...

Looks like a nice peaceful place where you're staying. Have inevitably been thinking of you lately but never thought you were in the wildfire district. Look forward to more despatches on that $10.00 credit, when you can manage it.

Anne Johnson said...

Funny how we Americans have no sense of distance. If we hear that Australia is on fire, we figure the whole continent is the size of Texas, or not even. Glad you're okay!

David said...

Yer, funny little gadget, about the size of a USB flash drive. Apparently operates much like a mobile phone, but without voice-call capability.

Cost $150, and pre-paid fees start at $20 for roughly 150Mb. expires in 30 days. Will have to keep internet browsing down to a minimum, as 150Mb doesn't last long.

Anne, Australia is roughly the same size as the USA (in land area) .. heh.