Friday, January 16, 2009


.. and a Happy New Year to all.

Sorry about the hiatus, a sort of unpremeditated technically induced coma.

An explanation for the previous post? Ah. Had driven the 40 or so kilometers to the next town (Melrose) to find a WiFi hotspot. As luck would have it .. there was one in the pub. Duly paid my 10 bucks fer an hour, spent most of the time catching up wiv you lot, and writing the detailed schpiel of background explanation for the previous post - including the search for and inclusion of four flag designs. Had noticed that time was running short, the end of the hour fast approaching, so clicked "PUBLISH POST".

Blogger ate it. Vanished into cyberspace. Sunk almost without trace - only the tip of the top-mast remaining in a sea of blank space.

As mentioned, it was a 60K round trip to the nearest internet connection (as far as I knew at that time), so sat quiet for a while, pondering the vagaries of technicalities.

In the mean time, the AC power supply for the laptop collapsed an a fitful, sporadically blinking, non-productive heap. Once the battery runs flat, tha .. tha .. that's all, folks. Also, the LCD screen had been playing up. Nothing to affect the actual operation of the innards, mind you, just an annoying "solarisation" sort of thing that tends to clear itself after an unpredictable length of time.

Rang Acer (still had 3 weeks left on warranty .. the conversations with "call centre" folks are a short story in themselves), arranged to get it picked up by courier and sent back to Sydney. That was sometime LAST year.

So, much has happened. Have shifted camp (yet again) and apart from an interesting 4 day exploration of the entire length of Yorke Peninsula at the end of December last year - had settled into a comfy sort of vegetative non-existence.

However. The laptop was returned last Tuesday .. and have discovered that the local pub has WiFi.

So .. am re-engaging mental gears (er, well, the ones that remain, at least) and re-establishing some sort of presence in the spider's lair.


Vincent said...

So you are alive. As for the adventures with computers, your deadpan narration is admirable. It's not our business to know of the rage, despair or stoic indifference with which you greeted the sometimes spiteful whims of fate. (Suddenly I felt i was a reincarnation of Tom Collins, aka Joseph Furphy. But then your life seems to be an uncanny 21st century reprise of Such is Life.)

Congratulations, anyhow. Welcome back to the communal solitary vice of blogging. Your audience is a gog. I mean agog.

Davo said...

heh, Vincent .. oops, laptop battery just went flat. hopefully the pub hasn't run out of beer, and the wifi internet connection that am using at the moment will continue to be productive .. watch it Laddie .. you may hear more from me ..heh heh.

Neil said...

Happy New Year to you too, Davo. Good to see you back.

Caroline said...

Oh. No more snail mail. Oh well.

Three Score and Ten or more said...

Welcome home fellow old coot.

Jayne said...

Hope you had a good one over the important days and how convenient that the puc has WiFi in hot weather!

Davo said...

Caroline, Oh ye of little Faith.

70+, have a long way to go to reach your 'survival' level .. heh.

Whatevva ya think, Jayne .. heh .. apparently laptop is capable of operating beyond "recommended" 0C-40C limits, heh heh heh.

GreenSmile said...

Curse the blighted Blogger! I sent you a comment, or did sufficient typing with the intent of sending a comment...that was a week or two ago. Did it appear? Never.