Friday, August 08, 2008

Connecting to community

OK, decided to let GrumbleGuts “vant to be left alone” Garbo win the battle.

Long story, but there was a constant, uncomfortable, battle of wills. As mentioned previously, decided to “run silent”, and let GGG make the next move to say hello; but too many instances of freezing glances, deliberate turning of back; so the effort and suppression of natural instinct to “just be me”, to “communicate” and “be friendly” became overwhelming. So, if he is determined to be 'stuck out on a limb' and run his own, singular, 'power trip', so be it. Have moved camp.

Have to say that my spirits have lifted somewhat. The bloke in the blue bus now next to me is quiet, somewhat eccentric, very interesting; and willing to chat on occasion. Have yet to meet the bloke in the van on the other side, he seems an OK sort of person.

Had been reluctant to “up stakes” - pull the pegs on the annexe – as had no specific destination in mind, wasn't quite sure where I would end up next; but time has passed, and there are no other attractive options in the immediate offing, so have decided – more or less - to assume some sort of “temporary permanency”. Strangely enough, while am still in close proximity to two other vans – am less aware of them being there. Another advantage, is that while the rent has technically dropped by $25 – still have to pay, separately, for electricity, but that is now “metered”, so depends on how much I use. Have yet to see how much that costs, and several nights of 3°C prompted me to run the heater all night, but does allow me some control over the budget.

Kapunda is a strange sort of country town. Once the centre of thriving mining and rural industry which has – over time – sort of 'fallen by the wayside'. While centrally located between the thriving wine and tourist areas of the Barossa and Clare valleys – is not on a 'road to anywhere important' – in other words; while the towns in the Barossa are on major highways to the River Murray towns and beyond, and the Clare valley towns are on the highway to the Flinders Ranges and beyond; Kapunda sort of sits here, in stasis, waiting.

This, of course, is not to say that it has no attractions. While the “main street” may not be the most vibrant in South Australia .. it has at least four pubs .. a library, a newsagent, a bakery, two IGA food markets, chicken shop, pizza place, a Computer shop with everything that have asked for so far, comprehensive Hardware store, local arts and crafts – as well as the usual Real Estate agencies .. and Rural Industry shopfronts. If I need anything “out of the ordinary” - Gawler is 30 minutes drive away, and Adelaide city only an hour.

Am slowly beginning to understand the town; and its people. Like anywhere else - it may not, as yet, understand – or even accept - me; but interaction continues.

including R. Murcott; Jacqueline Coates; M. O'Loughlin;

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