Sunday, April 08, 2007

Thank George W Bush

yup, strange title, but i meant it. Without him, his controllers and lackeys, America could have continued as the "leader of the free world", we could have continued with the Dream of "a better Life" somewhere.

Now, the Imposter's clothes are torn away. A tawdry commercial sham. The Pentagon pentangle exposed. Madison Avenue run rampant. Disneyland taken into digital destruction.

Perhaps, now, the "better life" lies within US, WE.

Perhaps now, or soon, the Australian people will recognise their value.

Not for anyone else, but within ourselves.


Yves said...

Yes, this is a fine thought, Davo. He has greatly assisted the decline and fall of the evil empire.

Much as I sentimentally back the Australian people, I suggest that there is only one future for mankind and that is to overcome the idea of nationhood - not politically, yet - but in terms of how we see ourselves.

I am delighted for example that so many people in Britain are this weekend taking the side of Iran in relation to recent events, even though they have naive and misguided reasons to do so.

The age of patriotism is past. Defy the politicians and to hell with "national interest" - that evil myth!

Ooh, I could stand on a soapbox and rant this stuff!

Anne Johnson said...

Davo, this is just plainly profound. You should type it up or email it to the local newspaper. You are so damned correct! I live in a house of cards. And the deck is stacked against me and every other "little person."

GreenSmile said...

Lot of us seem to be reaching this conclusion. See item number 4 in this post

BBC said...

America is a piece of shit. An experiment gone bad.

So I don't care if it fails. Power to the world I say.

GreenSmile said...

I didn't think, as a sometime regular here on Davo's blog that I should let your remark pass unacknowledged. I only know you from things you have said here and I noticed nothing false or gratuitously harsh.
I complain no end of how badly things are being run and have been run in the US. I think I understand your sentiment [and you aren't even an Iraqi!] yet it saddens me to hear it put so bluntly. I would not have you take back one sylable but I have to say its a shock when the truth you fear breaks through to become the truth you hear.
There are some kinds of failure that might be the better for us the sooner they happen. Our oil deficit and our trade deficit are ruinous and staggering but its our humility deficit that has brought on the worst and least repairable of our troubles. I have yet a little hope but only a little that we might take a better course before all is lost.

Davo said...

Am guessing that there are quite a few "decent people" within the 300 million or so who call themselves "Americans" .. but this whole schemozzle DOES point up some of the major flaws in the American political system in that it can be manipulated to almost beyond repair.

Australia doesn't actually HAVE an "Executive Branch" above and beyond the elected representatives in the House of Commons. The Prime Minister and Cabinet are elected reps. from the Majority Party in House of Commons, and chosen by his Party (equivalent to Nancy Pelosi??)

98% of Australia's 20 million are literate, educated and vote. Even though we have our own quibbles and whinges about the local mob, we CAN keep a fairly close eye on what's going on here.

It just goes to show what can happen if the majority of the population become blasé and self indulgent - "take their eye off the political ball" as it were.