Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Power of Dreams

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[the house is spewing disgorging valuable timber.]
Am half drunk, so will just ramble on a bit.

Much travels though the sludge of my mind. Have just been over and had a look at the writings of Yves, who keeps rambling on about Angels. Some time ago, back when I had no specific imaginative distance to go, no destination in mind, Link told me to quantify the house that I wanted to live in. "Be specific", she said. So I did. Wrote a specific description of the place that I thought that I dreamed. The specifics didn't happen, of course .. but am now in a house better, in some respects, than I came from.

"Better"? The bathroom, kitchen and toilet are more modern, but the rest of it is just a residence. Spreading the "decorations" that belong to me make it look like a place that I live in, and have basically just carried me into another place.

Have made an error with the word "transition".. should have been "translocation".

Am still me.

I still have my dreams of a "better" place, which makes me vulnerable, and gullible to those who sell the ideas.

For how many years has the Roman church sold those ideas? For how many years has Madison Avenue "sold" the "better" to a gullible populace?

Have no idea what Mahommet wrote, nor what was "sold" to that population, but why bother with stuff written only +-2000 years ago. The process of Civilisation is far older than that.

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