Friday, April 13, 2007

Panic stations in Parliament House

This is from an article by Alan Kohler in The Age.

IN THE telecommunications business, everyone's nerves are sticking through their skin at the moment.

That's because Communications Minister Helen Coonan is thought to be about to do a grubby deal with Telstra over a national broadband fibre network, entrenching forever the monopoly's monopoly.

A Government decision to override the ACCC and hand Telstra the wholesale access price it wants, just so it could make a dramatic broadband announcement, would be an expensive disgrace.


Wish that I had more time to find out what is REALLY going on, but this article sort of clarified a few things for me. Also wish that I had more time to write about it but am, at the moment, incoherent with rage and frustration, so can't write anything sensible or intelligent.

After years of inaction, it looks like the local nitwits in Gummint have gone into panic mode over Kevvie's (popular) announcement that he will provide an updated broadband service, so are making some very rash decisions.

It's very easy to be wise AFTER an event, but frankly think that the decision to "privatise" our National Telecommunications carrier was - yet another - abominably stupid decision by the Feds, and is now getting them into all sorts of trouble. (bit like the decision to invade Iraq. Not quite the same, but "simplistic" decisions without sensible forethought and some sort of intelligent planning end up looking like a bowl of chundered regurgitated spaghetti.)

(Cask of cheap Red and a big bowl of bolognese, anyone?)

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GreenSmile said...

I have that same uneasy feeling about the "net neutrality" debates in our congress. I doubt mere voters hear half the dirt or the deals or even know who really benefits from any of the options. Haven't really got much more to go on than "if the telco lobby wants it, it must be meant to screw me and I am against it ".