Sunday, April 15, 2007

"Have a nice day"

Has any one else noticed the Programmed Robots?

"Have a nice day", says the child behind the barcode cash register.

"Nah," say i, "been a bittuva pissarse day. Too fukkin hot. .just say hello, piss off .. or give me a grin."

The robot child is onto the next customer before i say ","


JahTeh said...

I hate that phrase and usually make some snarky reply.

I can't believe it's been so long since I visited but I've caught up with your doings now and I'm happy the cat and birds made the move okay.

Congrats on the trees, a green thumb on each hand to have such lovely offspring.

Anne Johnson said...

At a store near me they actually have self-checkouts where you scan your groceries yourself, shove in the bank card and pay for them, bag them yourself, and off you go. Blah!

Davo, I'm reorganizing my blogroll. You'll find yourself under "Appalachian," which makes no sense at all but is better than going into Miscellaneous along with "Kitten Wars" and "Turkey Vulture Society." You may get some interesting readers from the best part of America if I lump you in with the mountaineers.

Fleming said...

Davo, I'm having to use this comment as an alternative to email. When I tried to "reply" to your recent email I got a "bad address" return. I also tried your email address as listed in my address book, with same result.

Hopefully the problem will go away, but meanwhile you know that there's an email problem at least from here.

Yves said...

Whoever says that is a victim of society, enslaved in a cage where they are forced to pretend to be human. I imagine you agree with this.

It would not matter except that they are human. They are real roses painted red in toxic paint.

I think our role on encountering them should be to help them break out without increasing their discomfort in the meantime.

iamnasra said...

we getting the heat too on this siade of the world