Sunday, April 08, 2007

Arts Funding

It's weird, to me, reading stories in the local newspaper about how the funding for the local second tier theatre groups are having their funding cut, or reorganised.

Most of the names that I read were not born, when I was involved in that sort of stuff.

Where has my passion gone?


Davo said...

"professionals" do things because they are paid. "amateurs" do things to pay the rent.

Davo said...

.. and the concept "rent" is far beyond the concept of a "professional".

Yves said...

Yes, where has your passion gone?

GoAwayPlease said...

I recall that all the hardly-working musicians I knew in the 1980's referred to The Dole as
"I am on a Malcolm Fraser scholarship"

but I am old enough to know that many great Australian cultural triumphs were achieved without any government support at all.

GoAwayPlease said...

on the other hand, musos that I knew in the 1960's would say

"my girlfriends got a job so I am turning professional"

Wombat - your passion is lost in that antipodean bermuda triangle which also has John W.H's Honesty in it.

Davo said...

umm, Brownie, haven't heard anyone refer to it as the "John Howard Scholarship" recently .. perhaps "scholarship" under John Howard has disappeared into the coal mines as well.