Saturday, March 17, 2007


Be nice if my "supposed" DSL line was ... reliable ..
(addendum; 9.38pm. funny really. DSL line is playing up, yet again. One wonders who controls these things. Several phone calls to Primus "tech support" tell me that there is no problem with the line at their end. Have even gone and bought a new "splitter" for AU$27.00. DSL line cuts out after 20 minutes. So, as advised, turn off modem, shut down computer, wait 20 minutes, turn on modem, re-boot computer. Works for 20 minutes or so .. then does its intermittent act.

Who controls the network switching, I wonder. Microsoft, POP email server and Grisoft AVG, seem to know within seconds that this computer has connected to the internet. OR, it could be as simple as an ageing, out of date, corroded, copper cable.)

I keep telling Primus they are but tools for Telstra (which does not belong to "the people" any more.). Would be nice if there really WAS some Minister still accountable and responsible for National Telecommunications...or Defence .. or Social Services .. or .. education .. or ..

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