Thursday, February 15, 2007

Trees for Life Project - update

Just an interim progress report on the li'l babes. Most doing well, all 216 of them.
There are a few smaller, slow growing ones, so gave them a bit of a boost with Seasol the other day, to see if I could get them to catch up with the stronger ones. Australian native species are adapted to the dry, almost barren soil, so don't much like anything in the way of heavy fertilizer.
(A bit like the people in the country .. back off from heavy bullshit .. heh.)

On a different note. Posting has been slow as have exceeded my Broadband download limit (1000MB) for this month and am reduced to "dial-up" speeds .. sheesh dunno how you guys cope. Depends on what one is used to, I guess. Bittuva frustrating annoyance to get used to click/instant/click/instant responses - then click/wait/click/ wander off and make another cup of coffee, read a book. Speeds back up in the next couple of days, though.


Fleming said...

Your trees look beautiful. I missed any earlier post about them. What kind are they?

BBC said...

ALL of my computing is at dial up speeds. Sigh, I deal with it.

Pleased that the project is going well.

Friday evening I'm going to a presentation in town given by a couple that did a 600 mile walk about on your west coast.

That should be interesting.

Davo said...

just click the "trees' label, Fleming, then scroll down to the "beginning", then read "up" .. heh. There are only four or five posts.

Should be interesting, BBC. Am not sure which "West Coast" you are referring to though. In South Australia the Eyre Peninsula (where I was born) is referred to as the "West Coast", but you probably mean the one over Perth way. (while I have been to Perth, almost 2000K away, haven't seen much of the rest of that coast.)

BBC said...

They hiked from Perth to the Southern Ocean on Western Australia's Bibbulmun Track. What ever that is.

I don't know squat about John Howard, or how you folks think of him. I just saw some complaining about him on an American's blog so thought I would do a quick search.

It seems that he has a blog.

Davo said...

BBC, Satire is alive and well and still living in Australia, apparently.. heh

Anne Johnson said...

Thanks for the tree update! You know we Druids are all about trees. I think this is a noble project, and you should be proud of their progress.

I've always thought it daft that everywhere ex-English people go, they try to make it look like England. There's no other explanation for the way stupid people where I live throw good water onto useless grassy lawns. This is not England, for God's sake! This is America! Every yard should be overrun with poison ivy.

kurt said...

I see that John Howard also has a Q+A blog. Pretty funny.

Yves said...

amazing progress in their growing. well done. Do you think that tree planting in australia could set up a process of making its deserts fertile?

Davo said...

Every yard should be overrun with poison ivy. Anne, was under the impression that that was covered fairly adequately by the Mainstream meeja .. heh.

Yves, bittuva big ask, fertile deserts. Even these li'l buggas need water, not much, but some. It's an interesting idea, though. It has been noticed that there is much more rainfall in the Gulf country (QLD) on the rare occasion when Lake Eyre is full.

One of the reasons that have mentioned and am hopeful about Whisson's windmill. Even if it produces only a dribble a day, would go a long way towards re-vegetating the arid lands and yup, am under the impression that rainfall follows the trees.