Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Jum Jum Bird

Can't remember the exact name of this archaeological, extinct species .. but it seems its demise was the ability to tie itself up in ever diminishing rhetorical knots - and disappear up its own arsehole.

If the British are "taking troops out" of Iraq .. is it a "retreat", a "withdrawal", "reduction" or a "success".

If "success", why are we increasing our troop numbers?


Fleming said...

That first paragraph is hilarious!

As for the rest of your post, I'd like to see some government leaders locked in stocks until they answer your questions to your satisfaction.

BBC said...

The British are just looking for the best words to use after being fools.

Yeah, why are you increasing your troops?

Maybe something to do with the fact that John Howard is some kind of a fucked up christian?

Just asking.

Yves said...

It's that Tony Blair who has such contempt for the British people that he wants to finish his reign of mendacity with some conjuring tricks that persuade us he did something worthwhile after all.

Davo said...

Yves, mendacity is such a beautiful word, especially in the same sentence as "conjuring tricks".

Billy B, mm, 'fucked up' christians, the GWBush cabal is so far up Howard's arse that he cannot speak until they ejaculate.