Saturday, February 24, 2007

Am having a "copy and paste" day

For some reason, my DSL broadband connection is having canniptions, and becoming unreliable.

At his point am not actually "writing" anything, just trying to get some previous stuff onto the blog.

Added to that is the fact that within a couple of weeks, may have NO connection to the internet whatsoever.

Such is life.


BBC said...

I do hope that if you lose your link to the internet that it won't be for long.

Is this because of your having to move?

I'm not up to speed on what your moving plans are.

Yves said...

Well let me get a reply in whilst you are still there . . .

Realised yesterday how dependent I am on these pesky electronics. My old computers (his 'n' hers) have died and gone to hell, and the man came to install new ones yesterday, which was an anxious time. then the broadband system went down at the supplier end, which it's never done in two years that i've had it.

But all is back, all my data preserved, and the blessed XP is better than Win98 which in my clinging way I'd clung to since '98 itself, when I'd been prised off Win95.

Good luck with it all, and if no internet, I will send telepathic good vibes anyhow.

Davo said...

tuff tit.