Saturday, December 30, 2006

stand on my doorstep(2)

the perils of connections.

have paid for adsl, but watch the little DSL light blink on.. and off.

The perils of privatisation. Who do i contact? Telstra, who owns the copper wire.. or PrimusAOL who sends me the bill? Have tried both.. both pass the problem on.

Nobody is prepared to take responsibility, it may imperil the "shareholder" profits.


Brownie said...

Oh I HEAR you!

Primus cannot help you cos Telstra has them by the throat, Telstra WON'T help you cos you buy from Primus.

I pray Australians have the guts to stage a revolution/insurrection, because:
bad stuff happens when good people do nothing.

Newsagents are going broke cos Supermarkets and Post Offices sell greeting cards (and everything else).

Music shops are going broke because kids download from the net.

and don't get me started on rural public transport. I live on the Immensely Expensive 'FAST' trainline, which does indeed go very fast ... and then it stops completely for eleven minutes causing passengers to miss the connecting bus into town and home.
One hour till next bus, thanks a lot Peter fking Batchelor.

kurt said...

Tell me about it. I hope and pray I never have a computer problem that causes me to call Dell, or Bangalore, or wherever the h ell I will be calling.

Happy New Year, Davo.


Davo said...

and yet .. and yet .. I can communicate with Brownie in Victoria, Dierdre in NSW, Kurt and Greensmile in America, Rauf in India, Yves in England .. and a few more. All by this magical invention called the internet. All seemingly in less time than the blink of an eye (when it works). Would (could) I continue to do that with paper and quill pen?? Interesting concept.

Happy New New to all.

Gardeners said...

Primus. You signed the contract with Primus, and they agreed to provide the service.

If you have to leave them, have a look at Internode, also from SA.