Saturday, December 30, 2006


This post is not particulary coherent.
(Was about 12 yr old and already immmersed in books and imagination.)

Has been some time surfacing. Several weeks ago watched an Adelaide ABC doco on the "50 years" of TV.

Gyngell image in Black and white. Bob Caldicott. Tom Playford - premier from 1938-1965.

All males in suits, ties and hats. Don Dunstan, pink shorts in parliament, homosexual Law reform. A breath of fresh air. 1967-68. 1970-79.

Colour TV 1979.

The Royals vist in 1963.

1983. bushfires. Murray Nichol describes his own house burning to ash. 300 houses lost, 28 die.

1972 S.A Film Corp established. (Gil Brearly kills off fledgling local sound recording Co. .. OK my bitter twist.)

......SA film corp developed and established many notable films and people. "Storm Boy", "Breaker Morant" .. a few others and Peter Weir .. from memory.

.. can remember being in the studio on Norwood Parade where Peter Weir made, and exhibited, his first experimental film. Everybody knew - this guy was exceptional.

Backing up ..
The mass public protest Anti Vietnam Marches .. yup.. was there, with a camera .. all footage lost now.

There will be very little footage kept. WE MUST BE KEPT SAFE TO CONSUME.

(Warning.. am being forced into Blogger New. This site will probably "convert" soon. Hopefully all the eccentricities will remain. And I promise that all comments will be accepted in full.. as soon as i can figure out how to do that .. heh..)


Brownie said...

I remember our previous culture - the one of male crowds all wearing proper head coverings, the one where children were frightened of teachers parents and police, the one where the Save Our Sons women staged a dawn protest at the Swan St Barracks in 1965 and I went to it because my boyfriend was in the call-up (he would have been a HOPELESS soldier for god's sake, he was a guitarist - if the MOTHERS had been sent, the war would have been over in a week), the one where every train station was manned from dawn till dark and unemployment was rare, the one where The News had The News - instead of crap about which starlet was screwing around on her husband. Sometimes I wish I did not recall this other society.

Davo said...

Brownie, i also can remember - but not, "recall" the era - it would be futile to try. But there is much that saddens me. Can't adequately articulate it. Is it better that we are now brainwashed further into the american ethos? Is it better that teachers, parents and educators are so "afraid" of litigation that nobody can operate effectively? Are we "better off" by having Rupert Murdoch and vicious "market forces" control our lives instead of the basic goodness of humanity?? Dunno Brownie .. the older I get, the less I know, the more "helpless" i feel.