Saturday, October 14, 2006


OOps. Worked until 11.30 today, came home and had a few beers while preparing fer the trip up North. Did a bitta catching up with communications, chucked everything uneccessary out of the back of the car into the garage. Found mini tent hidden away in obscure cupboard. THEN .. suddenly realised my Rego (motor vehicle registration) is slightly expired, and can't afford to take the risk of coming across an RBT (random breath test station).

Sheesh!. Once upon a time (as all good 'fairy stories' go) when working on a farm out in "the backblocks" would, and could, drive the 200K or so to Port Lincoln fer a weekend, get totally inebriated - and drive all the way back again on Sunday night, to start work again on Monday.

AHHHH, the "good old days".
Whatever happened to "freedom"?

Not to worry, there is always tomorrow.


Davo said...

If I wanted to be an Amish or Muslim and live like one, would go and live in their territory. Am a strict Humanist.

Davo said...

And believe me, once upon a time I could have a chat with the local "wallopers" and everything could be amicably sorted out. These days ?? Everyone wants to be "Hard line" Ah fuckem.

Anne Johnson said...

The only place I've ever found freedom is so far out in the hills that there's nobody and nothing around. Otherwise some asshole is gonna be telling you what to do. Sitting presidents excepted.