Saturday, October 14, 2006

Locked out or Locked in?

A sad and depressing image reflecting the society that I live in.


kathy said...

yep! it reflects my society too! my doors are locked in my home but the windows are always open...anyone can come through...but they have to get through my dogs first before they get to me! and i have some killer golf clubs hidden in lots of places and some Samurai swords.

My car doors are unlock...i could care less, take my ugly car!

Davo said...

mm, more and more of my customers are "locking themselves in" behind gates and barred windows. These are some of the keys that I have to carry. I feel like a gaol warden of some sort.

Australia used to be a free and open place.

GreenSmile said...

I was going to write a whole post around the question: "which number is larger, the number of close friends you have or the number of passwords you have to remember?"

I think your picture would cover my 1000 words pretty well.
[and I aint answering the question!]

Davo said...

I have my plethora of "Usernames" and passwords typed out on an A4 sheet and stuck on the wall .. which sort of defeats the purpose .. heh.

kathy said...

LOL yes Davo that does defeat the purpose...its funny because I've done that too!