Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sunday scribbles (7)


Anonymous said...



That sucks.


Davo said...

Crikey! Live fast, die young.

kathy said...

Not bad at all! tires are hard to draw. you have the 3D down pretty good. I haven't yet downloaded this Artrage yet. I saved it to my favorites and will download it. looking forward to it. :)

Its raining in your part of the world i see. i wish rain would come to long beach.

kathy said...

yeah, Steve Irwin died! Sad! amazing man he was.

Davo said...

the sketches with any sort of detail in them were drawn some 10 years ago with pencils and pens, and have just "scanned" them in, so to speak. I haven't figured out how to get that sort of control and detail with "artRage".

Rain? what's that? Been the driest winter on record here. We have some tough grass, though .. heh.