Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Educator expires

Monday 4th Sept. 2006, Colin Thiele died in hospital after a short stay due to breathing difficulties (and a failing heart). He was 85 years old.

One of Nature's gentlemen. A quiet, but passionate Educator and writer. His card in this great library of life has expired, but his contribution to that Library will long be remembered. Rest in Peace, Colin.


JahTeh said...

I haven't read many of his books, being a sci-fi fan but I thought the film of "Storm Boy" was wonderful. That goes on my list of 'every time I see it I cry' films.

Davo said...

OK, try "Fire in the stone".

Brownie said...

RIP Colin Thiele.
85 is a good age, so we are not shocked; he left a literary legacy, so we cannot be saddened.
I hope his soul lives over The Coorong.

Davo said...

Brownie, his soul will forever drift as highlights across the Australian landscape .. like "sun on the stubble".