Wednesday, August 16, 2006


guargles gurgle crappy creepy craaaaawlers have found me. makink it diffycult to post past.

(am not drunk, just testerating the systerm.. and gurgle is, in fact, making it difficult to post. and th Mudrick empirical has just aquired My-space ..think about it. Am paddling little ducky legs toward independent wb site [or should that be spider legs? nah, those females eat males .] Wordpress . ahh ..might breathe a sigh of relief to escape from the "FREE".)


Davo said...

dunno yet. Can Google access the words in coments?

Anne Johnson said...

Davo, trust me, MySpace is a rotter.

Davo said...

heh, Anne .. don't trust me, have never been to MySpace .. and can't really remember whether it was the Cesspit Mudrake Corp that teamed up with it or Gurgle. Does fascinate me though, that Gurgle seems to find every word that have ever written in cyberspace. The sad thing is that all the "search results" are biassed toward "commercial" sites. One of the reasons that I use several of the other search facilities.

GreenSmile said...

yer on blogger now. easy mate. Google wont sell out to anybody

[dont have to, they cost too damn much as it is]