Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Wandering tribes

Genealogy is a fascinating subject, for research. One of the best internet tools has been (for me, at least) Genes Reunited. At present have over 500 names in the tree, increasing month by month.

Have just been watching a doco on TV about "The Jerusalem Syndrome" where many 'tourists' from the USA go quite barmy when they get onto that soil ... (sand, ground, territory..)

Nup, I don't believe that my "original ancestors" were Adam and Eve, magically conjured from the sands of the "Middle East" .. (Persia .. Iran??). More likely some feisty little "..pithecus" out of Africa.

Jeepers, can just imagine the furore if some of the "god squad" looked back and found '' african" blood in their genes.

We are all "family", I wonder why they can't accept that concept.

[update: have just "had a look" at the link. Genes Reunited is not "free", requires a small yearly subscription to enjoy the full benefits. However, it's a lot cheaper than Ancestry.con (sic)]


GreenSmile said...

cripes! were practically "family" with chimps. getting hostile to other humans is pretty inhuman.

JahTeh said...

Now there is the theory that they might have come from Asia as well as Africa.

Davo said...

There are always theories JT, does yesterday exist? .. heh.