Thursday, August 03, 2006

Sunday Markets, Broome.

New post on Davo's Flicks .. and for you boring farts on dial-up it's only 105 seconds long.

Funny thing about "communication". Do we really read what we SEE, OR WHAT WE REALLY 'WANT' TO SEE.

Words are funny things. Printed ones carry no emotion. Words, themselves, are just characters in a limited alphabet. A welter of printed words may eventually convey some insight into the writer.

The "ïnternet" only allows us to see the words. There is no "vocal" intonation, no "glint in the eye" to give us (me) a clue as to the "real" intention of what is written.

But bear in mind that i am a "trained" actor. I know full well how understanding of the nuances of "body language" can so easily convince the unknowing.

It pains me to see that the media manipulators, the "advertising" gurus, are "targetting" the children.

There are laws against child abuse. There are no laws preventing targetted advertising.

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