Tuesday, August 01, 2006

pure H2O tastes awful

Toowoomba votes against drinking water.
Some mere technicalities

Or consider
Goulburn Dam.

One wonders how desperate the efflu affluent States need to be.

(They wanna try living at the bottom end of the sewer called the "River Murray".)


GreenSmile said...

well, that answers my question about certain vintages of red wine ...I drink a lot of Aussie reds, Shiraz, particularly. Guess I'll have to stick to the Penfold's and Lindemans.

Davo said...

um, must be why they call them "full-bodied" .. heh.

kathy said...

Dam! well...theres always red wine or cola!

John C said...

The problem with the recycled sewage plant proposed for Toowoomba is that it just would not work.

It is not possible to produce 11,000 ML of recycled water from 8,000 ML of sewage. Toowoomba City Council also had nowhere for the RO waste stream to go. Acland Coal did not want it. Singapore pumps its RO waste stream into the sea.

The plant could never have been built for $68 million - closer to $150-200 million would be more accurate when you take into account the hundreds of acres of evaporation ponds required which were not included in the budget.

Regardless of your view on recycled water use, the no vote in Toowoomba was correct because the proposal was a dud.

Davo said...

Fair enough John. . You will have noticed that this BLOG* (as are most) is high on opinion and low on facts. Thank you for some facts on that particular issue.

The water issue IS, however, becoming (or has become)critical in the Southern States so any and all ways of storage and/or re-use need to be thoroughly examined.

At the moment Adelaide is examining ways to capture and re-use the (x) gigalitres of Stormwater that currently just "runs out to sea".

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