Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Power of Poetry.

OK, have decided to break a rule. (RULE?! .. there are no rules on this blog, except trying to keep "bad language" down to a bare minimum.)

As a believer in "fair play" and egalitarianism while trying to keep a sense of perspective, am normally reluctant to "promote" one person, or blog, or system of beliefs over another. However, some time ago I indicated to Amias at Liquid Plastic that I would put in a "promotional" link if she ever managed to publish her book. It's been published for some time, so guess that I'd better 'keep my word'.

There are, of course, many people with many stories to tell, but methinks Amias has a wonderful and unique way with words, somehow 'nailing' a life-time roller-coaster ride of emotions and experiences with her poetry, while keeping a remarkable sense of dignity and calm wisdom.

(umm, have been trying to grapple with the technicalities of putting the "Buy it now" image link in here, but haven't figured that one out yet. Go to her site for the background and links.)

Also, while am at it, Nasra uses few words to convey large images...

Dunno why it is, but have never been able to successfully - and intimately - co-ordinate my left and right hands. Am naturally "right-handed", (and therefore have a bias toward the Dexter.. mebbe that's what's wrong with the world.. not enough ambidextrous people.. heh) so am in absolute awe of those who can play music. Had been feeling a tad 'glumpy' and several mornings ago was idly trolling the blog network when came across something else via Deirdre at "Plodding along..". Deirdre has a description(read before viewing) which covers what I would say about this video clip, but would also add that it brought tears to my eyes. So simple, yet so profound.

(PS. it also helped that, the previous day, had decided to go without food for a few days so that I could "upgrade" my tinny, tin-pot speaker system to a rather nice set of (cheapish) Altec Lansings with subwoofer.)


JahTeh said...

I downloaded that music clip but it disappeared like a lot of things on this Bermuda Triangle of a computer. It was a bit too jazzed up for me, I have a gentler version.

Davo said...

Yer, JT, this "computer connection" thingo still keeps confusing and mystifying me. Download? Mine just 'plays' it. I hadn't heard that music before, which is probably why it got to me. Very beautiful (despite the couple of bum notes?), and my new speaker system does it proud. Still, was fascinated by the lad's (girl's?) fingers. Mine are built for axe-handles, not twiddling strings.

Link said...

With an additional plug from you Davo, I washed up, collected firewood, set fire and made dinner preps while it got it self ready to play it did take quite some time on dialup. Yeah Pachobel's is nice but maybe not on electric guitar, still the guy? certainly has it down pat and has obviously mastered it on some other instrument. Very interesting this vlogging thing. The Ukelele rendition played plein air, in Central Park, of While My guitar gently weeps (too lazy to link) is absolutely sensational and mind blowingly good as well. Check it out too. I'll go and dig up a link from BB.

back soon.

Link said...

Back again,

can't get the link to work. bugger.

Davo said...

mm, just another missing link, Link. heh.

iamnasra said...

Thank you for this gift...I did not know about it ...I was just reading your blog and came across this one...

I never thought I use few words ...Now I have to keep up with this