Sunday, July 23, 2006

Experimental graphic

Had intended to title this post "graphic experiment" but that sounded too much like something to do with Iraq, so thought twice. (yeah yeah, I know, rare occurrence.)
Have been trying to figure out how to get some errrrmm, drawings into the blog, but have yet to discover how to keep the 'file size' down to a dull rumble. This one was saved as a .png, but still had to make it smaller as the original is 10"x8''. Can someone tell me how to make these things with small file sizes.

Have been told by an "expert" that I can't call it a "cartoon" .. far too subtle ..heh.
If you can't read the caption it says
"Poor bastard. Works hard all day and when he gets home his missus gives him shit."

Any suggestions for captions welcome and all criticisms happily ingored.


Davo said...

PS. Yup, noticed the typo after posting, am leaving it there. heh.

GreenSmile said...

Davo, what difference does it make if you pick the "small", "medium" or "large" choices on the Blogger picture insertion dialog?

Are you having problems with the upload timing out? if thats the problem then yes, you need to put the drawing into a tool that can resample it down to a smaller file size...but those don't always do the kindest things to line drawings.
[and I envy you the talent and the time to pursue it. good on ya for branching out]