Monday, June 05, 2006

Time constraints

Went for a long drive over to Yorke Peninsula yesterday (400 klm in total) looking for some place 'far from the madding crowd' to rest my world weary head. Only 200 K or so from Adelaide, but had never been there before. Beautiful countryside, but already the "developers" have latched onto it, and land prices are skyrocketting.

Miss Eagle, however, has put up a series of posts that mostly reflect what I would have written yesterday if I had brains and time. Have also pinched (recycled) this poem from her site.

Recycled- a water poem

The water you are about to drink

Deserves a second thought, I think;
For Avogadro, oceans, and those you follow
Are all involved in every swallow.

The molecules of water in a single glass
In number at least, five times out-class
The glasses of water in stream and sea,
Or wherever else that water can be.

The water you're about to taste
No doubt represents a bit of the waste
From prehistoric beast and bird,
A notion not at all absurd.

The water in you is between a' betwixt
And having traversed you is thoroughly mixed;
So someone slaking a future thirst
Could easily drink what you drank first.

The fountains spraying in the park
Distribute bits from Joan of Ark
And Adam, Eve, and all their kin;
You'd be surprised where your drink has been.

The water you cannot retain
Will some day hence return as rain,
Or be beheld as the purest dew,
Though long ago it passed through you.

Dr Verne N. Rockcastle

Gerry has an amusing post about a feral squirrel .. are the animals fighting back? Must remember to put stronger bars on the cage for my canaries. (or let the canaries out, and hide in the cage myself).

And -SHOCK, HORROR! SBS are being forced into placing Advertisements IN THE MIDDLE of programs. As Barista infers, a bit like halting a production of Hamlet every ten minutes for "a word from our sponsor". "Krispy Kreme Fluff Bikkies NOW have 20% more Chocolate FLAVOUR!!!". GarDammit! I hear the Gummint is spending 10 mill on another pointless PROMOTION campaign. Why don't they just give it to SBS?

(this post has been re-edited and fine tuned 6 times since it began.. may be an evolving excercise mebbe not.) )


Link said...

Hey Davo, when you get a minute, can you pop over to BB and tell me what you reckon. Mange or just mud?

I've been doing some lovely country too driving, enjoy it while we can I reckon!

Davo said...

Link, it looks like somebody in a feral 4X4 (SUV) has just run over it, and it's a bit nonplussed. (but don't take MY word fer that).

Peter said...

That's a good poem Davo, and food (or drink) for thought too.