Sunday, June 11, 2006

Australian republicanism

I hear the whiffles, the stirrings, always have. BUT if it happens it will be OVER MY DEAD BODY.

During the next few weeks, will try to come up with a concise and coherent reason WHY THIS SHOULD NOT HAPPEN.


Gerry said...

Hey readers, I've spoken with Davo on the phone. His comupter has crashed. We think it's a hard drive gone cactus fuctus. He's currently also in the throes of moving house and so he might be absent for a while. I told him to keep blogging via the local library's pooters, but you know Davo, he never does what I tell him. ;-)

Basically, he wants you to know that he's alright and that he'll be back whenever.

Link said...

Computers do not like moving house. Good luck with the move.

David Latimer said...

If you are gonna do some research into republicanism over the next few weeks, don't overlook some of the new approaches. It is now recognised that an Australian Head of State should be established not by promoting the Governor-General, but by replacing the Queen. So bookmark or browse the forum at

Good luck with the computer problems!

Davo said...

Thanks for the comments, good people. "library"? Gerry, what's a library? heh.

Nah, just went and organised another computer, am addicted to it, silly me. NOW I can try to figure out where am going to move to, or what am going to do. Is not easy. A crossroads with too many choices. Deadline is July 29th.

Gerry said...

[1] Figure out what you will do with your life (workwise/socialwise).

[2] Figure out where you would like to do that.

[3] Link knows where there are some abandoned houses and a pedal powered electicity generator.

Not very helpful, am I?

Good luck, old son...