Sunday, May 07, 2006

an offbeat analogy

What would a sensible person do?

Witnessing a playground Bully; tempt, taunt and stick fingers into "private parts"..
one of the 'kids on the block' hauls off and whacks Bully on nose.

In retaliation Bully calls in a few friends, Rapes innocent bystanders .. telling them
"This is for your own good."

OK, at this point am 'disconnected' from "reality"; am working on a post named "god is an illegal immigrant" but don't hold yer breath . just some idle thoughts. heh.


Rauf said...

Posted a comment and deleted Davo
vanished without a trace. working fine from here

probably your blog is possessed by a demon giving you trouble, find a faith healer Davo

post comment-click trash icon-delete comment- deleted- now click on back icon, you get delete for ever

Rauf said...

i see the trash bins here Davo

Davo said...

Aha. Apparently I have to make sure am "logged in" with username and password before I see the bins. Arrrgghh, can be a comple dill at times.

Anne Johnson said...

I know a dude trains people in old-fashioned bare-knuckle fighting. A bully tore into this guy's stepson in the school cafeteria, figuring the stepson (a skinny little kid) to be ripe for the picking. The stepson beat the bully to a pulp. Seriously the bully required stitches, got a concussion, and lost 3 teeth.

I make it a personal rule never to throw the first punch. After that, well, I lived in Detroit.

Anne Johnson said...

Just heard that the miners have been freed! So glad!

Three Score and Ten or more said...

I got in a fight in Junior High school where I lost control and did things to a creep that still creep me out. Two advantages. For the remainder of secondary school no one ever picked a fight with me. For the remainder of my life, I have been careful to stay in control of myself at (almost) all times.

Davo said...

funny that. the only time self has been in bareknuckle fisticuffs was in umm, high school when some dingbat stole my ruler. (measuring stick). My initials are DJH .. his were DJH K******, so he just 'added" his name. Bit difficult t explain that to the Housemasters, so had t whack 'im around a bit. Not sure who won that round tho.