Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Beaconsfield community breathes sigh of relief

Todd Russell and Brant Webb, two very tough blokes, walk out of "Two Star" Accommodation.

Media "circus" in full swing mode.
(Only one casualty. Richard Carleton, Senior "60 Minutes" Media personality dropped dead from heart attack while asking "tough question" last Sunday.)


Rauf said...

Its was a relief when i saw them come out. Saw them on BBC

Davo said...

mm, yer, welll, rauf, guess we've all been keeping "a close eye" on th situation. heh.
Nice that we can go back t worrying about other situations tho.

Peter said...

Thank the lord Richard Carleton didn't have time to arrange to have his heart attack televised, I lived in fear of him ever getting Piles.

Davo said...

"televised?" Peter. channel 9 are just biding their time. The two blokes in Beaconfield wll b past history according t channel 9. Richard Carleton will be the biggest heroe who ever lived.. when they are finished with him.