Monday, May 01, 2006

Australia Values.

There is a bittuva discussion in Australia at the moment about whether immigrants (and refugees) should have a good understanding of the English language, and "Australian Values" before being granted Citizenship.

"Australian Values" ?? A nebulous concept at the best of times.

However, this story typifies ONE aspect of those "values".

On Tuesday 25th April, 8.53 pm, a large rockfall traps three miners - Todd Russell, 35; Brant Webb, 36; and 44 year old Larry Knight - deep underground at the Beaconsfield Gold mine in Northern Tasmania.

Wednesday April 26th.
A remote controlled heavy earthmoving loader is equipped with two cameras and begins to work into the rockfall.

Thursday April 27th.
2am. Loader begins removing first of two known rock falls in mine.
6.30am. Loader begins removing rock from second area, where the three men were last seen.
6.52am. Body of Larry Knight found by loader. Search continues for other miners. Rescue crews begin drilling a second tunnel from alternative area some 30 metres distant from trapped men.

Friday April 28.
Blasting begins in rescue tunnel.

Saturday April 29.
Progress is slow; 4 mtrs every 12 hours.

Sunday April 30th.
6.50 pm. Beaconsfield Gold Mine announces contact with trapped men. They are alive and in good spirits. Rescue tunnel estimated to take another 48 hours.

This sequence was taken (but not 'word for word') from the Adelaide 'Advertiser' Monday May 1st.. link will change).
There is much more detail - hidden among the hype and speculation - in the local rags… but .."in good spirits"??

Five days in pitch darkness, no contact with outside world? Surviving on drips of water from the rocks.

Dunno what you lot think but this stands as an Aussie record.

The bits that 'got' me are apocryphal at the moment but ..
"How are ya?"
"O.K. Bloody hungry. Who won the footy?".

Quote from Todd Russell's mum. "Todd's putting in for meal allowance, overtime pay, and 'living away from home' allowance."

There is still 24 hours (more or less) to wait.


Walker said...

Wow! Fabulous story of courage and survival. I'm praying they make it out OK. Thanks for sharing!

Gayle said...

I saw your comment on Patrick's blog.

I pray that God will keep them safe.

Davo said...

gayle, GOD has nothing to do with it. Communities deal with problems as they see fit.

Gayle said...

Then why did you request prayers on Patricks blog, Davo? That's why I came over. If you don't believe that God has anything to do with it, I don't understand why you would request prayers.

Anne Johnson said...

God's too busy running Merica to pay attention to what's happening in Australia. Probably some bored god of the Aborigines felt sorry for those blokes.

And by the way, I like their spirit. We gots hillbillies like that in the (soon to be) Nation of Appalachia.

There's gold in them there hills.

Davo said...

..pray - ers .. dunno what that means .. in detail. just try to get imagination deep underground with them .. and give them strength.