Sunday, April 30, 2006

Home among the gum trees

Most of my "posts" are short "notes to myself", and whatever makes it onto the keyboard after a fairly long and protracted series of thoughts (or what passes for "thought" in a fractured brain), and probably don't make much sense as they stand. Should have titled this blog "snippets from a fractured mind" or "dribbles from a downhill dawdler". So, if anyone has trouble trying to figure out what it is, exactly, am trying to say - join the club. Most of my thought processes have evaporated long before they make it onto the keyboard. Am much more 'fluent' with a pencil and paper, heh.

The "title" of this post comes from the view as seen by the Web-cam (link is located under the "weather pixie") - and if you click the title, it should take you to a brief overview of the city I live in. Am not sure 'when' it was written, but the 'nightlife' has 'improved' somewhat, and there are many venues open until 3-4am. There has also been an explosion of 'sidewalk cafes' - weather in Adelaide is predominantly "mediterranean", dry and sunny for most of the year, but with wet, mild winters.

Have also noted with amusement the author's comment about "drivers". Yup, we have our idiots, as I presume do most cities; but I spend all day all week on the road, and have found the majority to be careful and considerate. On the other hand, am mostly in the Southern suburbs - where all the trees are. The, umm Northern suburbs are mostly tree-less, and where there is a larger number of "hoons with high power weapons", so to speak. (and Yup, am a 'snob' of sorts - or maybe just getting too old). Can remember the first time I tried to drive in Melbourne .. total chaos. Everyone seemed to be making the rules up as they went along. Sydney was much better - once one 'got the hang of it'. They only had two rules - flat-out, or stopped. Did learn to trust them though. If I could 'keep up', they'd 'back off' by 2 inches to 'let you in'.

While am on that subject, it is worth noting that Adelaide (and the state of South Australia) was the only one NOT founded on convict labour, so we tend to be a bit 'snooty' .. (oh dear, that needs an essay all by itself).

Am probably very biased, but Adelaide is a peculiar city. Not big, not small, sort of "in the middle" of things. The major population centres are over on the Eastern seaboard, and Perth is .. well, Perth.. a little bit 'out of sight, out of mind'. It is, however, a beautiful city. Have been there a couple of times, but don't know much about it.

I like to think of Adelaide as "cosmopolitan" (much better than "multicultural").

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