Saturday, April 29, 2006

Past History

One wonders what my Grandfather would have thought, about the screwups on the Glenelg tramline.. YUP they have attempted "upgrades". Tried many "attempts" to "improve" it.

I hope that my Grandfather is still laughing about something that he was instrumental in designing.. still exists as an "icon" today.


Davo said...

hzxlbifz .. third time lucky. posting a comment on my own blog??? One has to wonder.

kathy said...

LOL don't worry! you are not the only one who comments on thier own blog :-D

i do it.

Rauf said...

why a tram line needs an upgrade ?

We had trams in Madras. They were removed in the 50's dug up the roads, made a mess and now they are regretting blaming each other.

The only city which still has trams in india is Calcutta. they are painfully slow so slow that you can walk along with it. but no pollution.