Saturday, April 29, 2006

new age fillums

Toby Cook

We will, of course, keep making 'em. Good or bad, effective or in-effective.

At some point the american propaganda Movie industry will die under the weight of its own arrogance.
(and pigs might fly) ...hang in with this one, needs patience.

(P.S. This one is a short "experimental" film made by someone I know .. and Ooops, have just noticed a note written faintly at the bottom of the opening screen "for cast and crew only". Oh well .. if they put these things on the net ..)


kathy said...

I need to install quick time on my computer.

is there a new age film out? whats the name? i couldn't see anything in the link...i don't have quick time, i need to fix that.

Rauf said...

you can download quicktime from here

Usually it comes free with encyclopaedias

Rauf said...

pardon my english and spelling i think its encyclopaediae ???
what Davo ?
Hope you have stayed away from indian films.

kathy said...

Thanks rauf I'll try that one.

Davo said...

"indian films", Rauf? Have seen many "Indian" fillums.. even read the book "Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee." heh.

We have a TV station (SBS) here that occasionally presents "Bollywood"..
but 'serious movies about the plight of India" .. no.. but SBS Australia gives me many documentaries to ponder.