Saturday, October 15, 2005

World Community

Hey, the marvels of modern technology.. grins. This "site meter " thingo is amazing. Tells me where people are coming from .. the US (both coasts), Canada, England, Singapore, Australia. (Whyalla?? good heavens) and somebody up in the middle somewhere. If near The Alice, give my regards to the desert.. I love that part of Oz.

This is a pic of "Henley on Todd", an annual "regatta" held in the "River" Todd. Usually dry, but the event had to be cancelled one year 'cos the river was actually running.

The "Devil's Marbles" near Tennant Creek. There are several acres of these things.

Kata Juta, near Uluru. (Kata Juta used to be named The Olgas, Uluru is Ayres Rock. We are gradually acknowleging that these things had names before we arrived.)

Here's me thinking am just sort of making notes to myself..and one or two others.. umm, guess that I'd better start writing something a bit more interesting.

In the meantime, have just discovered The Gods are Bored
and Old Horsetail Snake which should keep a smile on the face.

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Peter said...

Caught Henley on Todd once, about mid eighties I think, just love the Red Centre, not so keen on cleaning the red dust out of everything.