Saturday, October 15, 2005

A copper copped

Am not really sure what's happened at one of the blogs that I used to enjoy reading. I had it listed down on the links list as "Brit sense of humour-sort of", but was "The Policeman's Blog" and written with a delightful, whimsical sort of sense of humour - sort of like "The Bill" meets "Heartbeat". It also has numerous links to other related sites, some "official" some "personal" - on both sides of the Atlantic.

Written from the perspective of an ordinary copper on the beat, it was essentially harmless, though he did on occasion 'criticise' various aspects of ' official policy', and gave the impression that they all sat around drinking tea, or filling in massive amounts of paperwork rather than actually 'policing'. It was very funny.

Apparently one (or several) Brit newspapers got hold of it and printed some of it (apparently without permission). It now looks as if the 'higher ups' got wind of it. He has been forced to remove all his "archives" and is apparently looking for another job.

The site is still there (click on the title to link) but only one post at a time.

The "War with Terror" claims another victim. (wry grin)

The Policeman's Blog

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